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2006 Texas Rangers

80 - 82

(3rd place in the AL West, 13 GB)

2005 / 2007 (Team History)

Runs Scored/Expected: 835 / 838 (-3)
Runs Allowed/Expected: 784 / 837 (+53)

Pythagorean Record: 86 - 76 (-6)

Home Record: 39 - 42 (.481) -5.3 wins
Away Record: 41 - 40 (.506) +4.3 wins
Team Uniforms Dressed to the Nines
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Ameriquest Field

Attendance: 2,388,757 Avg Att: 29,491 (0.97)
Att Rank: 7 / 14 Lg Avg: 30,393
Park Factor: 1.04    
HR Factor: 1.06 R/L HR: 1.01 / 1.12


2006 Texas Rangers
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