Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
aka Network Associates Coliseum; McAfee Coliseum; UMAX Coliseum; Overstock.com Coliseum; RingCentral Coliseum; Oakland Coliseum

1968 - Present

Oakland, CA
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(1968 - 2020)
First Game
A's vs. Orioles: 4/17/1968
Starting Pitchers: Lew Krausse (OAK) vs Dave McNally (BAL)
Score: 4-1 (BAL)
Attendance: 50,164
First Batter: Curt Blefary (BAL) (Walked)
Catfish Hunter threw the first no-hitter at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in the 11th game ever played there, marking the shortest amount of time between a park's first game and its first no-hitter. Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum has hosted three no-hitters in which more than one pitcher contributed, including two in which four pitchers contributed. Turner Field in Atlanta is the only other active park that has hosted a no-hitter in which four pitchers contributed, and only Turner Field, Fenway Park, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim have hosted other no-hitters in which multiple pitchers contributed.

Event First Last
Hit Boog Powell (BAL) - Homered (2nd) -
Run Scored Boog Powell (BAL)
Run Batted In Boog Powell (BAL)
Home Run Boog Powell (BAL) vs. Lew Krausse (OAK) on 4/17/1968 (2nd inning)
Strikeout Dave McNally (BAL)/Reggie Jackson (OAK)
Win Dave McNally (BAL)
Loss Lew Krausse (OAK)
Grand Slam Sal Bando (OAK) vs. George Brunet (CAL) on 4/16/1969 (5th inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Reggie Jackson (OAK) vs. Jim McGlothlin (CAL) on 6/2/1968 (4th inning)
No-Hitter Catfish Hunter (OAK) vs. Twins on 5/8/1968