Baker Bowl
aka Huntingdon Grounds; National League Park; Philadelphia Baseball Grounds

1895 - 1938

Philadelphia, PA
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Team Years Games
(1895 - 1938)
First Game
Phillies vs. Giants: 5/2/1895
Starting Pitchers: Jack Taylor (PHI) vs Jouett Meekin (NY1)
Score: 9-4 (NY1)
Attendance: 20,000
First Batter: Shorty Fuller (NY1) (Walked)
Last Game
vs. Giants: 6/30/1938
Starting Pitchers: Claude Passeua (PHI) vs Slick Castleman (NY1)
Score: 14-1 (NY1)
Attendance: 1,500
Last Batter: ()
On June 8, 1914 Phillies first baseman Fred Luderus hit a home run to center field that got stuck in a hole in the wall where a brick used to be; It was too high for Pirates center fielder Joe Kelly to retrieve and Luderus was credited with a homer. On May 30, 1922 Phillies outfielder Cliff Lee hit the first home run to clear the left field wall when he blasted a first-inning shot off Giants southpaw Art Nehf that landed on Lehigh Avenue. It would take exactly nine more years for another batter to accomplish the feat---Boston's Wally Berger. Jimmie Foxx, Hal Lee and Joe Medwick eventually cleared the wall as well. No one ever hit one over the center field clubhouse, however. On the last opening day at the park on April 19, 1938, Brooklyn's Ernie Koy hit a home run in his first big league at-bat and Philadelphia's Emmett Mueller followed suit in the bottom of the inning.

Event First Last
Hit Jack Doyle (NY1) - Singled (1st) -
Run Scored Shorty Fuller (NY1) Mel Ott (NY1)
Run Batted In Jack Doyle (NY1) Sam Leslie (NY1)
Home Run George Davis (NY1) vs. Jack Taylor (PHI) on 5/2/1895 (7th inning) Hank Leiber (NY1) vs. Bill Hallahan (PHI) on 6/30/1938 (3rd inning)
Win Jouett Meekin (NY1) Slick Castleman (NY)
Loss Jack Taylor (PHI) Claude Passeua (PHI)
Grand Slam
Inside-the-Park HR
No-Hitter None None