Great American Ballpark

2003 - Present

Cincinnati, OH
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(2003 - 2019)
First Game
Reds vs. Pirates: 3/31/2003
Starting Pitchers: Jimmy Haynes (CIN) vs Kris Benson (PIT)
Score: 10-1 (PIT)
Attendance: 42,343
First Batter: Kenny Lofton (PIT) (Grounded to 1B)
Great American Ballpark is one of four parks to open in March. One of three parks where the first grand slam came in an interleague game (Chase Field: 1998 and Safeco Field:1999). Homer Bailey's no-hitter was his second in 19 starts. His first also had the distinction of being the first no-hitter thrown at Pittsburgh's PNC Park and he became the second pitcher to throw the first no-hitter at multiple parks (Hideo Nomo: 1996, 2001).

Event First Last
Hit Ken Griffey Jr. (CIN) - Doubled to RF (1st) -
Run Scored Randall Simon (PIT)
Run Batted In Reggie Sanders (CIN)
Home Run Reggie Sanders (PIT) vs. Jimmy Haynes (CIN) on 3/31/2003 (2nd inning)
Strikeout Kris Benson (PIT)/Austin Kearns (CIN)
Win Kris Benson (PIT)
Loss Jimmy Haynes (CIN)
Grand Slam Carlos Delgado (TOR) vs. John Reidling (CIN) on 6/6/2003 (2nd inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Eric Young (MIL) vs. Jeff Austin (CIN) on 5/11/2003 (6th inning)
No-Hitter Homer Bailey (CIN) vs. Giants on 7/2/2013