Yankee Stadium I

1923 - 2008

New York, NY
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Team Years Games
(1923 - 2008)
First Game
Yankees vs. Red Sox: 4/18/1923
Starting Pitchers: Bob Shawkey (NYA) vs Howard Ehmke (BOS)
Score: 4-1 (NYA)
Attendance: 74,200
First Batter: Chick Fewster (BOS) (Grounded Out)
Last Game
vs. Orioles: 9/21/2008
Starting Pitchers: Andy Pettitte (NYA) vs Chris Waters (BAL)
Score: 7-3 (NYA)
Attendance: 54,610
Last Batter: Brian Roberts (BAL) (Grounded to 1B)
The Opening Day attendance of 74,200 was a record that has since been broken.

Event First Last
Hit George Burns (BOS) - Singled Jason Giambi (NYA) - Singled to LF (7)
Run Scored Bob Shawkey (NYA) Brett Gardner (NYA)
Run Batted In Joe Dugan (NYA) Robinson Cano (NYA)
Home Run Babe Ruth (NYA) vs. Howard Ehmke (BOS) on 4/18/1923 (3rd inning) Jose Molina (NYA) vs. Chris Waters (BAL) on 9/21/2008 (4th inning)
Strikeout Joba Chamberlain (NYA)/Aubrey Huff (BAL)
Win Bob Shawkey (NYA) Andy Pettitte (NYA)
Loss Howard Ehmke (BOS) Chris Waters (BAL)
Grand Slam Tris Speaker (CLE) vs. Carl Mays (NYA) on 6/9/1923 (6th inning) Alex Rodriguez (NYA) vs. Edwin Jackson (TBA) on 9/14/2008 (1st inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Sam Rice (WS1) vs. Herb Pennock (NYA) on 4/25/1923 (5th inning) Chris Duffy (PIT) vs. Andy Pettitte (NYA) on 6/8/2007 (7th inning)
No-Hitter Monte Pearson (NYA) vs. Indians on 8/27/1938 Roy Oswalt, Peter Munro, Kirk Saarloos, Brad Lidge, Octavio Dotel, Billy Wagner (HOU) vs. Yankees on 6/11/2003