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Pittsburgh, PA
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First Game
Pirates vs. Reds: 4/9/2001
Starting Pitchers: Todd Ritchie (PIT) vs Chris Reitsma (CIN)
Score: 8-2 (CIN)
Attendance: 36,954
First Batter: Barry Larkin (CIN) (Struck Out)
When Barry Larkin led off in the first game at PNC Park he became the first player to lead off in the first game at two different active parks, having also led off in the first game at Milwaukee's Miller Park three days before. Barry Larkin was also the first batter to open an active park with a strikeout. When Sean Casey recorded the first hit at PNC Park he became the only player to earn the first hit at two active parks.

Event First Last
Hit Sean Casey (CIN) - Homered to RCF (1st) -
Run Scored Dmitri Young (CIN)
Run Batted In Sean Casey (CIN)
Home Run Sean Casey (CIN) vs. Todd Ritchie (PIT) on 4/9/2001 (1st inning)
Strikeout Todd Ritchie (PIT)/Barry Larkin (CIN)
Win Chris Reitsma (CIN)
Loss Todd Ritchie (PIT)
Grand Slam Sammy Sosa (CHN) vs. Jose Silva (PIT) on 4/20/2001 (9th inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Jack Wilson (PIT) vs. Brooks Kieschnick (MIL) on 7/2/2004 (6th inning)
No-Hitter Homer Bailey (CIN) vs. Pirates on 9/28/2012