T-Mobile Park
aka Safeco Field

1999 - Present

Seattle, WA
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(1999 - 2020)
First Game
Mariners vs. Padres: 7/15/1999
Starting Pitchers: Jamie Moyer (SEA) vs Andy Ashby (SDN)
Score: 3-2 (SDN)
Attendance: 44,607
First Batter: Quilvio Veras (SDN) (Grounded to P)
When Safeco Field hosted its first game on 7/15/1999 it was the latest an active park had ever opened, and fourth latest (Braves Field: 8/18/1915, Cleveland Stadium: 7/31/1932, Three Rivers Stadium: 7/16/1970) among all parks that hosted at least 300 games.

Event First Last
Hit Eric Owens (SDN) - Singled to RF (1st) -
Run Scored Quilvio Veras (SDN)
Run Batted In Phil Nevin (SDN)
Home Run Russ Davis (SEA) vs. Woody Williams (SDN) on 7/17/1999 (5th inning)
Strikeout Jamie Moyer (SEA)/Reggie Sanders (SDN)
Win Will Cunnane (SDN)
Loss Jose Mesa (SEA)
Grand Slam Raul Ibanez (SEA) vs. Carlos Reyes (SDN) on 7/17/1999 (7th inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Adrian Beltre (SEA) vs. Mike Timlin (BOS) on 7/23/2006 (8th inning)
No-Hitter Philip Humber (CHA) vs. Mariners on 4/21/2012