Busch Stadium III
aka Busch Stadium

2006 - Present

St. Louis, MO
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(2006 - 2020)
First Game
Cardinals vs. Brewers: 4/10/2006
Starting Pitchers: Mark Mulder (SLN) vs Tomo Ohka (MIL)
Score: 6-4 (SLN)
Attendance: 41,936
First Batter: Brady Clark (MIL) (Lined to 2B)
When Mark Mulder homered in the 7th inning in the first game at Busch Stadium III he became the only pitcher to homer in an active park's first game.

Event First Last
Hit Carlos Lee (MIL) - Singled to CF (2nd) -
Run Scored Carlos Lee (MIL)
Run Batted In Bill Hall (MIL)
Home Run Bill Hall (MIL) vs. Mark Mulder (SLN) on 4/10/2006 (2nd inning)
Strikeout Mark Mulder (SLN)/Rickie Weeks (MIL)
Win Mark Mulder (SLN)
Loss Tomo Ohka (MIL)
Grand Slam Aramis Ramirez (CHN) vs. Mark Mulder (SLN) on 6/3/2006 (4th inning)
Inside-the-Park HR Edwin Encarnacion (CIN) vs. Anthony Reyes (SLN) on 8/31/2007 (2nd inning)
No-Hitter None